We hope that the following information will inform and help you in supporting your child in the exam process.

1. Class I and II - The grading system is an overall assessment of the child's performance in the class which includes written as well as oral skills. The report cards of the children are based on their performance in weekly tests / worksheets / class activities / oral testing assessments / project work assigned on regular / daily basis. Marks are awarded to the students on these parameters and then converted to grades.
Due credit is given to regularity, punctuality, regular & timely submission of assignments / homework and neatness as well. The achievement of the students of students of class I and II will be graded in accordance with the following five point scale.

A* Outstanding 90% - 100%
A Execellent 75% - 89%
B Very Good 56% - 74%
C Good 35% - 55%
D Scope for improvement Below 35%

From the session 2018-19, the school will follow the assessment structure as proposed by CBSE.

2. Classes III to XII - Academic year is divided into two terms:-
Term-I (100 Marks: 1st half of the session) Consist of one Periodic Assessment (20 marks) and Half Yearly Examination i.e. Mid-Term Test (80 marks).
Term-II (100 Marks:2nd half of the session) Consist of one periodic Assessment (20 marks) and Yearly Examination i.e. Mid-Term Test (80 marks).

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