School Profile

Pratibha Public School, of Sant Colony, S.D.O. Court, BMP-7 situated in the green and natural surroundings of Katihar the joy of learning. It is a CBSE Affiliated School, Upto (10+2) Level created with a vision to provide equal opportunity for all strata of society affording quality education for the community in North Bihar. It started functioning from 2011. The school now has classes from I to XII standard. Beside that the school is also recognized for its quality management. The school runs under the Aryabhatta educational and social enhancement trust.
Pratibha Public School provides an academic environment blended with love and discipline conductive to overall development of child’s personality and help him grow up as an enlightened and useful citizen, capable of adjusting to the requirements of life. Our strong concern and relentless efforts is to aid the development of the whole persone, so as to be fully humane, Indian and truly modern. Our prime objective for our students is to provide them with such an environment which could make them intellectually competent, religious, loving and committed to faith and justice, and finally to run along with the fast running modern era.

Our Founder


Our founder Mr. N. K. JHA is a visionary, a guide and a brilliant speaker. A well read, highly educated yet simple man, a man with a penchant for hard work, he was one of the main architects of Pratibha Public School. He envisioned an institution that would endure the rigours of time, that would educate generations of youngsters into becoming the best versions of themselves. His desire was to create an education sanctum that would empower, enhance and encourage students in every way possible to become the foundation on which the future of the country and the world could rest.

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